About Us

We’re Emily and Jacques, and this journey started when our first baby, Josiah, was born in 2015.

My husband, being an avid lover of snapback hats (it was rare for him to leave the house with a hatless head), asked me to find a cute one for Josiah to wear.

What I wanted was a snapback hat that was stylish, quality, would fit a baby’s head, and ideally that came in a matching size for my husband.

This proved far more difficult than anticipated, and all I could find had bright colours, tacky patterns or was poor quality.

I finally decided that if I couldn’t find one, that I would design and get one made. I thought that maybe there were other mums out there also looking for cute, stylish and quality snapbacks for their babies and kids. Hence, Small Road was born.

Small Road exists to create hats for your little people that you love. Ones that you can pair with lots of outfits, that can be shared between siblings, and can give you years of use. We celebrate parenthood, family, and we hope to make those quality moments spent together a touch more photogenic.